The Terroir

The 42 acres are all planted within the Sancerre AOC (Appelation of Controlled Origin) which guarantees a high standard of quality for a dinstinctive Sancerre sauvignon blanc: low yields, controlled fermentation, and characteristic soils.

Our vineyards are located around the Chateau, where young and old wines are mixed together. The young blocks are used to offset the aroma produced by the lower yielding older crops. All vineyards are planted on lime and chalk soils, 5 km south from Sancerre, and facing the beautiful Loire Valley.

This steep hills were created by old Jurassic faults, from Sancerre and Thauvenay, with a North/South direction creating three types of soils typical to the area, including ours: lime stones, and clay.

You will notice through our photo gallery that our vineyards have lots of stones, which allows develops balance and higher quality crops. In order to respect the environment and to preserve the beautiful characteristics of our soil, we farm our vineyards sustainably with environment friendly methods, which allow our soils to fully express themselves.

Thanks to the proximity of the Loire Valley, we are protected from early Spring frosts, and the morning fog during Summers protects the vineyards from overheating. We work hard at ensuring our vineyard farming methods are sustainable and friendly to the environment. We use cover crop to control erosion and weeds, and to enrich the soil with nitrogen and other important nutrients. The result is a beautiful sustainably farmed and environment friendly vineyard, with yields purposefully kept low to ensure a quality wine. Our yields average at 50 HL/ha, equivalent to 3 Tons / Acre.

The wine maker and the vineyard manager work closely to ensure that optimum conditions are met, and highest wine quality reached.

Grand Vin de Sancerre
Vallée de la Loire, France
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